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C8-512i (KM512i/30pl,KM1024/42pl)

  • Improved Function Configuration compared with C4-512i

  • 1. Secondary ink tank and printhead plate heating system,it fits for low temperature in winter;

  • 2. Standard equipped intelligent infrared heating system  to speed up picture drying;

  • 3. Standard equipped Auto collecting system;

  • 4. Three levels ink tank, printing more stable.


C512i/30pl-8 head

    2pass          360*360dpi      260㎡/h
    3pass         360*540dpi      180㎡/h
    2pass         480*360dpi      210㎡/h
    3pass         480*540dpi      140㎡/h
    4pass         480*720dpi      110㎡/h

C1024/42pl-8 head

    2pass          180*720dpi     160㎡/h
    3pass         240*720dpi     120㎡/h
    2pass         180*1080dpi     104㎡/h
    3pass         240*1080dpi       80㎡/h
    4pass         180*720dpi       80㎡/h